About Us

Our vision is developed with a focus on our clients. We set our targets to be judged as our clients would be judged; to be the very best by world-class standards. is a Canadian team of companies and professionals committed to world-class technology and consulting solutions. For over 40 years we have successfully delivered services that produce results for our clients.

One of our strengths is our ability to deliver specialized expertise from an interdisciplinary work environment, while maintaining a single focus on our clients’ needs. From locations across Canada and other key centres throughout the world, we are able to service clients on five continents, and maintain that focus. We have the resources to execute a project, or to provide program delivery from early concept stages through to implementation, management and monitoring of results. This gives us the ability to participate in any phase with full understanding of global client objectives.

Projects do not exist in a world isolated from impacts around them, and in the same way, our professionals do not exist in a single-discipline world.